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Villa Lilli Beta Bella

Where ideas and projects become reality thanks to its natural beauty

In the heart of the Langhe region there is a lovely Villa built by Cippi for his seven children, later renovated by his daughter, Lilli and her husband, Franco for Cippi’s granddaughter, Vania, who made major improvements.

There, on the hill, the Villa, surrounded by vineyards, dominates the landscape without altering it, since it is discreet and sincere, just like its owners.

Villa Lilli Beta Bella has a flourishing garden with Azaleas, Artemisia plants and Alchemilla mollis, a stone path with a circle and a swimming pool. It offers stunning views of one of the beautiful Italian towns, Neive. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring enhance the colours and the scents, as well as the lights, shadows and the many shades of this area.